UAB „Medelsta“ activities include:

State oil products market

DINA gas station is selling oil since 2005. It is licenced to sell unfrosted oil products, based on Lithuania‘s law of Energetics. Metrological requirements are regularly verified. Users have the right to get reliable information about the results of measurements.

Non-ferrous metal trade

They are transported from well-known European and Russian suppliers. All products are high quality and have certificates. If required, records of laboratory investigations and experience of previous custumers are presented.

Trade of oil tanks and their equipment

We offer up-to-date, two-sided tanks to agricultural customers, trasportation and construction companies. We have a range of oil tanks equipment and we sell Diesel, Adblue Tanks with a mechanical, electrical fuel management systems.

Wholesale oil products market

Wholesale oil products market We have been working in this field since 2000. We offer up-to-date, European standart of quality marked oil and products of oil: petrol and diesel fuels, coolant, chemical supplements. Our products improve characteristics of fuel and facilitate the work of newest and older engines, plasticisers.